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Insurance jobs, insurance jobs, insurance jobs!

We have seen record levels of insurance vacancies registered with us here at CKB Recruitment in the last 4 weeks, with the demand for insurance staff seemingly at an all time high as firms compete for talent in a very candidate dry market. 


The Insurance Broking space is particularly busy, with Commercial Account Handlers, Commercial Account Executives, Insurance Brokers, and Claims Handlers all in high demand, with many companies reporting they are several staff light, as so many held off hiring in the height of the Covid pandemic here in the UK. This has resulted in salaries going up, as Insurance Brokers battle for anyone who is coming onto the jobs market at present. This means it really is the best time for any insurance professional to be looking for a new role, and to obtain a salary rise. Supply versus demand, means this is simple economics. 


We have taken on some really interesting roles lately, and would love to chat to anyone who wants to discuss their current value within the insurance space currently.