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Underwriting opportunities

We had a really positive chat today with the MD of a top MGA, with big big plans. They are well recognised in the market, and have plans to be one of the top 5 MGA's in the next year or so. 

They have already completed one acquisition, and are keen to do another, and are also extremely interested to speaking to "best in class" Development Underwriters across the UK, if you have a great reputation in a Niche market, and possibly a book of business, or a number of brokers who will follow you. Top 6 figure salaries are available for the right people.


They would also be keen to look at moving a whole team over, so do reach out if you are a part of a successful underwriting team, who writes niche Business. they really are open to anything they feel is not a "overcrowded" market, so this could be Niche Construction, with high hazard risks, International PMI, Nuclear, Niche Travel products, Non Standard Commercial or even non standard Household. We feel these Underwriting opportunities represent some of the most exciting available in the MGA market space currently, and these guys would suit any established new business focused Underwriter who want to be involved in something special. This would also perhaps interest you, if you are currently working in the Lloyds Market at present and your scheme has been placed into run off, but you want to carry this on in a new home. 


We are also working with another major player in the MGA market too, who are now looking to get the construction team up and running, so are keen to hear from experienced Construction Underwriters, to be part of this exciting phase of their business growth. Salary to £50k. They also seek a Property and Casualty Underwriter too at a more junior level (£30-35k)

Overall as our posts last week, there really is so much opportunity on offer in the insurance market currently, and long may it continue!


Have a great weekend all.